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Tractus Asia is a management consulting company focused on assisting foreign investors achieve success in Asia. We have a team of over 60 professionals in offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Pondicherry, Jakarta, Yangon, Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Los Angeles, and Toronto.

Through our Corporate Finance Practice, we provide tailored solutions in the areas of fund raising, mergers and acquisitions, joint-ventures, pre-IPO preparation and planning, corporate governance, and liability restructuring.

The most important element of our assignment is understanding our client objectives, both financial and non-financial. In fact, the entire process begins with learning about our client and their business. Whether working for the buyer or the seller, our motto is “always begin with the end in mind”. We assist our clients by focusing on their operational, financial, and/or personal objectives. Closing the deal is not our sole objective. By being flexible, and developing and executing a strategy that will be deemed a success by both parties, we maximise the return to our client.

On the sell side, objectives can include raising growth capital, the disposition of non-strategic assets, or a suitable exit for shareholders. Tractus can assist clients to identify suitable investors or strategic buyers and execute a deal that maximises our client’s interest.

Similarly, on the buy side where a client may be looking for a partnership or complete acquisition, we identify potential targets and approach them confidentially to gauge their interest and determine a suitable mode of acquisition. Such modes can include forming an alliance, a joint venture, or executing a buyout.

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